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Well-organised work
in the Netherlands

Our employees

A very warm welcome to JJM! Going to work in the Netherlands with a new client is a big step. Our job coaches and recruiters are there to help you with accommodation, building your career in a new country, and everything you’ll need for successful, enjoyable and long-term employment in the Netherlands.

JJM has years of experience in assisting Polish and Romanian skilled workers who want to come and work here on satisfying projects with great, professional clients.

Satisfied employees

“Going to work in the Netherlands was a big step, but I felt at home right away with JJM. I get to do good work for great clients”

Winkler Tomasz

“I’ve been working at JMM for years and am completely satisfied. I work on great projects, and the job coach is always there for me”

Mariusz Kobus

“I really enjoy working for JJM. If I have any questions, they’re answered right away. And I can work very well with my new tools”

Cosmin Lungu
Auto's van JJM-Personeel

Working in the Netherlands

There is a huge shortage of skilled workers in the Netherlands at the moment, while there’s also an enormous amount of work available. That’s why we’re looking for new employees who are skilled in their profession. Take a look at our vacancies, but also please feel free to simply contact us for a consultation.

Great colleagues

Many of JJM’s employees come originally from Poland and Romania. Our job coaches arrange everything for you, including accommodation, a company vehicle and tools, as well as a great job with a very attractive salary.

Welcome, Romania!

We’ve also been working successfully with Romania for the past few years, to the great satisfaction of both our employees and our clients. Experience has shown us that Romania has a great deal of expertise in the construction, finishing and engineering industries. If you’re looking for a great job, please feel free to contact us.

Our cooperation with Poland

JJM has been working successfully for 15 years now with skilled professionals from Poland. We are also familiar with training institutions and we work together with local recruitment partners.

Good accommodation

We take our accommodation seriously and ensure that everything is arranged in accordance with the rules. Our employees should always feel good and comfortable in their homes. And on top of that, they should enjoy good internet access!

Professional tools

Our employees receive only high-quality tools that they can confidently take along to their worksite. This is one of the ways we invest in our workers so that they can do a great job.

You want to work for JJM?

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Always Welcome

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